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House to Home

‘Pack up your troubles, get happy’

Stress Free

It may sound like the ultimate dream, but when you move with HOUSE TO HOME the only packing you’ll need to do is an overnight bag. 

We’re the all-inclusive solution to your house move troubles. Debbie Robinson (and her team of experts) offer a personalised end-to-end solution supporting all requirements of your move. Whether you are downsizing; moving from town to country; having a pre-move clear out or are just time short - you ( and your family, and pets) can escape the whole process knowing that everything is in hand. 


 The stress of moving is by no means fait accompli. Arrange your free consultation, and you’ll soon be well on your way to a stress-free move with the professional care and attention of a specialist. Move house, come home. 

Key in the Lock

Our Service List

How we can help… 
We offer a bespoke House to Home move service, which can include, but is not limited to:

Pre-Move Decluttering


Pre-Sale House Staging 


Storage Arrangements


PA Services 


Full Packing and Unpacking Services




Student set-ups

Pink Living Room

What My Clients Say..

“I have always hated the thought of decluttering, just the word fills me with dread. But how lovely it was not to be taking all those extra things we didn’t want with us, as we had done so many times before. Everything was either sold, donated or disposed of. It was easy, you just need Debbie holding your hand!”

Interior Design

“Lockdown came at the beginning of our house move. My wife had recently finished her course of chemo and was extremely vulnerable. We had no choice but to take ourselves and our two young children away completely and Debbie sorted everything for us. We left an unfurnished rented house and a few weeks later moved into a beautiful, fully furnished home with everything unpacked and looking wonderful. Debbie organised all the furniture deliveries, handymen, baby proofing, food delivery and a deep clean. We are forever grateful for her help and support in going above and beyond during this extremely difficult time.”

“What a joy to be handed the keys to our new home and have absolutely nothing to do apart from toast our new beginnings with the champagne Debbie left for us. No takeaways while sitting on boxes for us!”

White Sofa

“I was living on the other side of the world when my brothers and I decided our elderly mum needed to sell her house and move 200 miles to be closer to my brother and his family. We honestly couldn’t have done it without Debbie, she took care of it all. She held our hands throughout and was always considerate and understanding of our needs as a family.  All the lovely decisions were made with my mum and all the worrying stuff happened without her even knowing about it. We should have done it years ago!” 

“Having had Debbie and her team of lovely girls move me and my family, I simply would never do it again without her. My husband knows it’s non-negotiable!” 

Blue Sofa
Interior Design

"Between working full time and juggling children, I didn't have time to pack, move and unpack my house. A friend told me about Debbie and she was great. She did everything. I can't believe how quickly she got it all set up. Everything was unpacked and every box was gone; she even organised my children’s bedrooms so that they feel in love with their new home straight away!"

Coffee Shop With Plants

“Debbie helped me move house in September 2019 and she took care of everything. I was able to focus on my work and not worry during what is a normally a stressful time moving house. Debbie managed the move from start to finish and did an outstanding job, making sure no important details were missed.”

My Story

Who is Debbie Robinson? 

HOUSE TO HOME is the brainchild of Debbie Robinson. Debbie has been taking the trouble out of house moves for over three years.

The idea behind House To Home was born from Debbie’s understanding of how busy life gets. “We are all juggling careers, children and life in general and moving house can easily tip us over the edge.” 

Passionate about helping her clients enjoy the whole moving experience, Debbie focuses on the utter joy people feel when they find their new home rather than the dread of the move.

If you want to know more, see my Linkedin profile


“It’s so important to me that when my clients walk through the door, they instantly feel I’ve turned the house into their home.  It’s vital that it is what they pictured as their family space when they first saw it. That it’s how they want it laid out and organised and it reflects how they live as a family - not an interior designer’s vision for it. I love nothing more than leaving the kitchen cupboards and wardrobes super organised and user friendly. It’s my dream job!” 

The House To Home Promise

Every decision is completely in your control. Debbie and her team will support you in the decision making process and can provide you with information and options to help you make the best choices for your move.
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